March Mission

My Young Living team and I decided to do something really awesome this month. I'm not sure if many of you know, but Young Living has an incredible philanthropic arm (one of like 4975947 reasons I love this company), called The Young Living Foundation. One of the Foundation's efforts is called "Sponsor a Child" and it provides education, clean food, and leadership opportunity for one child for one year in Ecuador. Check out a glimpse into this program >>>

SO for the month of March, we've decided, as a team, to do our best to raise money to sponsor a child this year! The cost is $900.

Here's how this works:

For every new person that enrolls with a Premium Starter Kit, I will donate $5. The person who enrolled me will match that, making a total of $10. The person who enrolled her will match the full amount that comes in. How amazing is this team?? We might even be able to sponsor a child for 2 years!! One month of us sharing our love for this incredible tool spreads the love to everyone we know and gives a child in Ecuador a different future.

Here's where you could come in to support this goal: share your love of these oils with your network? With a few friends, fellow moms, neighbors, coworkers, your FB network? Anyone who enrolls will get my coaching and support. Everyone can be added to Hello Essentials. Everyone will get the Lookbook and my starter package to get them up and running fast.

Contact me and we can strategize a bit on the best way to share or if you have any questions :)

With love & gratitude,