Think Dirty ;)

Last weekend while visiting my brand new niece, Lillian, my sister and I went around her house with the Think Dirty App. WHOA! We were shocked by how many "natural" baby products came up as "dirty". We all have a certain level of trust when it comes to buying products for our little ones and this experience shattered my confidence in consumer safety. Take a minute and go through your cabinets. I'm gonna pull out my science background here...short, small term exposures to chemicals will not be your downfall but long term exposure will and large exposures to small bodies will definitely leave an impact. Let's all take a minute and learn more about how our grandmas cleaned the house. They didn't have 409 or Mr. Clean. They had baking soda, vinegar and plant based products. Take small steps towards natural cleaning and it won't seem so intimidating or daunting. You've got this!

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Cleaning up the Laundry 

Cleaning up the Kitchen

Immunity Roller + Sleepy Blend + Thieves Spray

Ready to take the oily plunge? Let's do it!

Think Dirty