Are you interested in essential oils but don't know where to start?

Are you interested in essential oils but don't know where to start? Take a minute and scroll through this post! Contact me if you have any questions! Take the plunge. You won't regret it! 💧❤️💧 

EO 101
What are they?
Are they Safe?
How do I use them?

I was introduced to the starter kit by a friend, bought it immediately and began right where you are right now, taking this chemical free living thing one day at a time, kicking one chemical out of my home at a time. You can do this, too. It’s about taking small steps, and saying no more. I will not allow these things in my home. You can’t control all the places you are exposed-but you are the gatekeeper of your house.

Learn alongside our team. Let us guide you through the process in simple, easy steps. Step 1 is to start with the starter kit-a diffuser and 11 bottles of oil, some of the most common oils on the earth-for supporting systems of the body. They have just 1 ingredient. Lemon is just cold pressed lemon rinds. Frankincense, is a resin-properly steam distilled at the right temperature to make essential oil. Lavender, freshly distilled at the peak of the harvest – with thousands of uses in the home. Let us come alongside you and train you how to kick chemicals to the curb. You can DO this.

Start by heading to, click on “Become a Member” and enter the sponsor and enroller number of the person who introduced you to the oils. (If you’re reading this post and don’t have a support system, go ahead and use my number – 3675526 –in both lines. It’s an honor to have on the Hello Essential team. Welcome, I’m glad you’re investing in your family!)

Once you have put in the sponsor and enroller number, it will take you to a second page and ask for personal information where you’ll set up your account. Write it all down so you’re able to log in later. The third pages asks which starter kit you want. My personal favorite is the dewdrop diffuser with the premium starter kit. If your budget is tight, the home diffuser works wonderfully too. I’d also encourage you to sign up for Essential Rewards. You get to pick the oils that come to your door every single month, you switch them out and you get paid 10% back for everything you order in new oils. That’s 10% back on your laundry soap, dish soap and Thieves cleaner, which is all I use to clean my house. It’s one of the best choices I ever made. If you’d like to add that to your order, I recommend the Thieves Essential Rewards kit-because in one swoop, it contains just about all you need to get rid of nearly every chemical cleaner in your home. It’s simple and easy. And if you’re taking chemical free living head on, it’s the best place to start.

The final window asks for payment, and you’re off and running. We’re honored to have you as a part of this team. Look for a welcome package in the mail! Connect with us online at By Jess Anderson on Facebook. Find more resources at And welcome to the oily family.

This is something you NEED to take seriously. No one is watching your home but you. You are the gatekeeper. And I’d be willing to best my life that there are things in your home right now that you’re exposed to every single day that could affecting your health. And the thing is, it’s totally preventable.

What do you do until the box arrives?

Start small. Start slow. Start with what you’re convicted on. Let me give you a simple tip. With your food, flip the labels over and start reading the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. It doesn’t mean you can’t have ice cream-just go for the ice cream with milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla instead of an ingredients list of 35 items you can’t pronounce.

With your home, start with the biggest offenders first—laundry soap, dishwasher soap, cleaning supplies, candles and plug ins. Toss the candles and plug ins. Swap them out with a diffuser and a pure essential oil. Young Living has oil infused Thieves cleaner, laundry soap, and dish soap that’s affordable and simple to use. Add them to your Essential Rewards order once you have that starter kit.

This about small, simple, baby steps. Take it one month at a time and swap out things in your home. Maybe the first month you focus solely on Thieves cleaner and toss your cleaning supplies. You can start that today by grabbing a $22 bottle of Thieves cleaner. Go home and wipe your kitchen down and fall in love-knowing you just gave a boost to your immune system instead of taxing your liver.

The next month, swap out some laundry soap or dish soap. Month 3, focus on your personal care products-deodorant, shampoo. Month 4, beauty supplies like face wash. Every day you leave your makeup on, your skin ages by 7 days. Use a chemical free option to get it off. The YL ART line is my favorite.

I started this journey myself over a year ago, with an YL starter kit, and have never looked back. We use the oils every single day in our home. Every oil you use is a chemical you’re not using.

You matter. Your family matters. Your friends matter. And you can take control of your own health. Kick the chemicals out of your life and start living a “cleaner” life.

Thank you! Contact me with any questions directly or in the comments below.

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