Trust me, this deodorant works!


This was a tough switch for me! I'd get the nervous sweats just thinking about the smell of nervous sweats! This little combo of spray deodorant and salt stick is tough and can handle any sweaty situation. It is not an antiperspirant though. Sweat is your bodies way of cooling off and releasing toxins. Embrace it. Your lymphatic will thank you!

I know this may sounds off the wall, but you should also research "How to Detox your Armpits", so that you don't get discouraged. There might be a period of time in the beginning when the smell is overpowering and you may give up. Don't go back to the chemical-filled deodorants! Give it a couple more days and try this detox to get the chemicals out of your system.   

Spray Deodorant

INGREDIENTS: 10 drops elemi essential oil + 10 drops cypress essential oil + 10 drops purification essential oil + 10 drops bergamot essential oil + 1 tsp. aloe vera + 1 tsp. alcohol + witch hazeltoner(alcohol free, unscented) +  2 oz. spray bottle

PREPARATION: Drop essential oils into bottle. Add aloe vera and alcohol. Fill the remainder of the bottle with witch hazel.

APPLICATION: Use as needed. Make sure the skin is clean and follow with a natural mineral rock deodorant.

If DIY isn't in the cards, try out one of Young Living's AromaGuard deodorants.  

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Don't miss out! Sign up NOW for this free introductory email course.