Your Healthiest Year


The New Year is a symbol of starting fresh. It's probably not surprising that the two most popular New Year's resolutions are "Staying fit and healthy" and "Losing Weight." It is also probably no surprise that most people don't feel they ever reach their New Year's goals or give up before they do. This often happens because they don't set a plan on HOW to actually do that. They think, "I want to lose 15 lbs," and so they get a gym membership and show up without a real plan in place. Or they say, "I want to 'get healthy' this year," but they don't really know HOW to do that.  

What are your resolutions that just don’t seem to stick? I MIGHT be one of those people who makes a long list of over-zealous intentions that seem to stick for about the first six weeks of the year. It’s just that some New Year’s resolutions are so! hard! to! keep! And I should know, I’ve been trying to clean up my vocabulary every January for YEARS now.

So, this year I'm not making any New Year's Resolutions. I am going to take small steps toward my goals. I know that I'll see a difference with a slow and steady approach. My goals for next year include continuing to grow this amazing, supportive tribe of people, and spread health + wellness all over like peanut butter and jelly. I'm also working on my mindset and learning more about Conscious Language and the Aroma Freedom Technique. Two steps towards living a more abundant life! 

Here are some fun groups and challenges that I'm participating in to keep me accountable and learn some new tips + tricks >>> 

Your Healthiest Year Facebook Group

Come join me in the Your Healthiest Year Facebook group and we can make 2018 our most physically and mentally healthy year together. 

Your Healthiest Year is a group that offers a holistic health approach to wellness with complimentary practices. Deena Barselahh, Holistic Health Practitioner and friend of mine whom I trust completely with my family’s health practices, Miriam Rosettii, a specialized and incredibly learned yoga instructor, and Elizabeth Savelle Garciaa, make an incredible trio you will learn tons from!

A bit about what you can expect in the group:
- Recipes for remedies, snacks, desserts, DIY skincare, home-spa fun, and others
- How-to videos with everything from making bone broth to lip balm, yoga sequences, guided meditations, giving yourself a facial, various routines throughout the day, and many others.
- A community in which you can ask questions and share anything you like, knowing this is a private group and a safe space, free of any judgement.

Want to make 2018 ‘Your Healthiest Year’? You and your loved ones deserve your very best version—right?!?! Shout out and I will add you to this incredibly supportive group for men and women of all ages. Feel free to add others in your life that you want to join your journey.

Their Winter Wellness Workshop is running again for the next few days—so many great tips and recipes! Let me know if you want an invite ;)

Or are you interested in hosting your own online or in person Winter Wellness Workshop? Let's work together to provide an amazing class for you and your friends + family. 

Slique in 60 Challenge

If weight loss is at the top of your list, don’t miss your opportunity to participate in the Slique® in 60 body-transformation challenge!

With the support of Young Living's Slique products—including health supplements such as Slique Shake and Slique CitraSlim—you can find a healthier you when you incorporate them into your diet and exercise program. Plus, there’s a supportive community to help you along every step of this weight-loss challenge.

While your hard work can earn you a healthier lifestyle, you can also earn some amazing prizes! They’ll have two 60-day phases, so you can participate in the timing that works best for you or give yourself an extra challenge and participate in both to put yourself in the running for their 120-day champion prizes.

[See what you could take home and register so you’re ready for phase 1 of the challenge when it starts on January 1!]( 

Interested? If you're not a member yet, sign up for a YL membership for $45 and receive 24% off all products for life. Then add on the Slique Complete kit or Slique Advanced kit. 

Real Simple Good's January Whole30 Challenge

Join Erica + Justin with Real Simple Good on their January 2018 Whole 30 Challenge. I'm signed up and excited to learn more tips + tricks from them. And the best part.... a whole month of recipes with the needed shopping lists. So simple (especially if you're an online shopper like me. Hello, Fred Meyer ClickList. Don't judge, I prefer to shop in my pjs.) 

Here’s what you’ll get (For Only $29):
* A complete 30 day meal plan, including shopping lists, make ahead meals and full recipes with flexible prep instructions. (Serves 2)
* The plan covers each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for all 30 days
* Efficient use of leftovers to save time and cook less
* Starter Kit Resources
* Weekly tips and efficient prep instructions to save time
* Private Facebook group for sharing and support

Join me!

AND... You've probably heard me talk about their weekly meal planning service, which I l o v e! Again, weekly recipes with shopping lists included, and a fun, supportive Facebook group. Once you've finished the Whole30 Challenge, this service will continue to provide the support you need to make healthy food choices.

Let's do this together! We can make 2018 your healthiest year yet :)

->With Love & Gratitude, Jess<-