three steps to keeping kids healthy, happy, and focused all school year long

Ever feel helpless... when your little is misbehaving, having trouble focusing, or not feeling quite right? You are not alone. Keep reading for three natural + safe + effective steps towards supporting your child's physical and emotional health. 

As parents, we make decisions every single day to ensure the well-being of our family. But how do we know we are making the best decisions? You can keep researching until you find the answer you need, or you can take advice from someone that you already know and trust that has had positive experiences and results.

Sometimes we do not know that we are making decisions that are harming our children. Many personal care products, vitamins, and supplements are formulated with harmful chemicals and synthetics that can be very damaging to the body long term. They can cause developmental and hormonal problems, which is definitely something we all want to avoid with our precious growing children. Now, you will know better, so you can do better. 

Every product that I talk about in this post is from Young Living. YL makes all of its products without the use of harmful or synthetic chemicals. The essential oils used to infuse the products are pure. Here are three simple steps to support your child's physical and emotional health. 

Step One // Eliminate harmful chemicals from your home

The average person is exposed to 100 harmful chemicals BEFORE leaving the house in the morning. You will eliminate tons of harmful chemicals just by swapping out your regular hand soap, toothpaste, bath care, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets, and replacing them with the Thieves Cleaner line. This quickly decreases unnecessary stressors on your child's body. 

Step Two // Diffusing or applying oils topically can help...

  • stimulate focus and concentration

  • create a joyful mood

  • calm down your kids

  • calm upset tummies

  • promote a restful night's sleep

  • soothe muscles and joints

Remember, quality matters! I can't stress this enough. If you're buying oils from the local health food or grocery store, or Amazon, you're most likely exposing your family to MORE chemicals. The exact opposite of what you're trying to do here. You're paying less for those oils because they are adulterated, usually with solvents. Trust me, pure, high-quality products are more effective and create lasting results, which is exactly what you want.  

Step Three // Add nutrients to your daily routine, and stay above the wellness line

  • Get more vitamins with KidScents MightyVites.

  • Support a healthy immune system with Thieves oil, Lemon oil + Frankincense Vitality oil. Do your own research and use your own judgement before ingesting essential oils.

  • Drink NingXia Red, 1-4 oz. daily, as a liquid supplement high in antioxidants. My son LOVES this stuff!

  • Support your digestive system with MightyZymes and MightyPro - Pre and Probiotic formulated for kids. My son thinks the little packets of probiotics are candy ;) Mom hack. But really, probiotics for gut health is important for healthy emotions and the ability to absorb nutrients.

Step Four // Simplify your lifestyle with a YL membership

The best way to have an awesome and healthy school year is to get started with a Premium Starter Kit. It is discounted by almost $150 and it will set you up with your own YL membership to receive 24% off the retail price of all products on all future orders. 

When you get started with a Premium Starter Kit (check out all the ways you can use the 11 essential oils included in the premium starter kit below) you will be supported by me! I am dedicated to helping you and your family with your health goals. I offer a three-month wellness plan to help you get started and be able to use your starter kit to your fullest advantage.

You will have access to a private FB community where we offer support and encouragement and a place for you to ask questions.

After you use these products for a week with your family, you will understand exactly why I can't stop sharing my experiences! xo

Here you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to purchase high quality essential oils from the only company I trust! 

DIY Recipe

Y'all know I love DIY, here's one for all the mommas out there that struggle with brushing their child's hair. 

This is the perfect head spray to use every single morning as you brush your child's hair. 

Happy Head Spray Recipe

  • 2 oz. spray bottle

  • 10 drops Tea Tree oil

  • 5 drops Lavender oil

  • 5 drops Rosemary oil

  • 5 drops Eucalyptus oil

Fill a 2 oz. spray bottle halfway with water (it's best to use distilled or bottled water) and add the essential oils. Shake well before each use. Focus the spray towards the scalp around the ear area.

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My passion is helping people conquer their wellness goals and create a more natural, sustainable lifestyle. My love of nature and natural remedies have led me to dive deep into essential oils and creating simple, all natural household and personal care products on my own. My blog started on a simple premise of sharing my journey to a more natural lifestyle, including the science behind many natural remedies, DIY recipes, tips, and ways to save money using plant-based alternatives. Now, as I emerge from my health coach training program, I have married my passion to my purpose, combining all aspects of health and wellness with a holistic approach to create a platform that delivers online tools that bring you into alignment with where you want to be.

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