DIY Skincare Online Class

Show yourself some love and enjoy this new virtual DIY Skincare class. I'll disclose skin care secrets straight from the celebrities and teach you how to make safe, toxin-free skincare products, each infused with quality essential oils and each requiring just a few ingredients. Can't wait to share this with you. A password is needed to access this information, click below to get it ;)

Here's a sneak peek, and my favorite DIY Skincare recipes!

Ahhh makeup!!! Ok, so I know makeup is everywhere and you might be thinking “mine is working just fine”. But is it!? Are you confident that your makeup is 100% free of harmful chemicals? Does your makeup have ingredients in it that are BENEFICIAL for your skin? You work so hard to maintain your health and youthful appearance that you don’t want to undo all that when you powder your nose every morning. In the next week, I'll have a new online class  focused on enhancing your natural beauty. I’m going to share some shocking secrets with you! Stay tuned, lovelies.

Thank you for being here on this journey with me. xo