Do you have a Wellness Plan?

I'm super excited to start offering specialized 3-month Wellness plans to all my clients who really want to focus on their health. If you're not a client yet, check out details below!

Before I get into how the 3-month wellness plan works, I wanted to quickly share that it takes about 3-4 months for a lot of our cells to regenerate. If we want to make changes at the cellular level, we need to be consistent with health practices for a few months to give our bodies a chance to regenerate new healthy cells to actually FEEL a difference! (You may feel better as soon as you start or it may take a few months.) Those "health practices" can be as simple as adding a drop of Lemon Vitality to your water every day for 3-4 months to see and feel the effects of these powerful oils.

Now that we covered that, here is how the 3-month wellness plan works: 

  1. Fill out a simple form identifying your health goals (i.e. reducing stress, keeping your immune system up, improving energy, decreased feelings of guilt or sadness, clear out toxins in home, weight management, better sleep, digestion, aches & pains, non-toxic makeup and beauty care products, etc.). 
  2. Complete the color personality and your love language quizzes. It is actually really fun and only takes a few minutes.
  3. I'll review your submission and help you come up with a 3-month wellness plan to help you achieve your goals through Young Living (YL) products and simple lifestyle modifications.

I am no expert BUT through my own personal growth and the help of my trusty reference materials, I have been able to help a lot of my members work towards their goals.

There will also be some perks if decide you want to jump on the Essential Rewards bandwagon #ClubER (because who doesn't love a subscription box that shows up on your doorstep every month). If you don't know anything about Essential Rewards, it's broken down HERE.

If you stay consistent, use your reference material and ask for help from the community and me along the way, I promise you will see and feel some exciting changes in your life!

Can't wait to help you dive in deeper and get going! xo