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Ditch & Switch Natural Living with Plant Based Products - Intro to Toxin Free Living - New Year to Wellness - Oils in the Bedroom - DIY Skincare - Savvy Minerals Makeup & more to come! See below for details.


In today’s world, some of the most dangerous things that affect our health are things we willingly expose ourselves to on the daily. And some of these things might not be what you expect! I sure as heck didn't expect some of the products I thought were safe and green and natural to be hugely toxic - with some crazy misleading marketing. In fact, you might be completely oblivious to the fact that the products we use on ourselves, in our home, on our children, and in our everyday lives, could be the very things that are contributing to why we’re sick, why we have health problems, why we struggle emotionally, and why we are not living a life full of wellness, purpose, and abundance. Sign up for this easy, 5 day email course, and we will break it down - simply - and discover ways to ditch the toxic crap hiding in our houses and replace it with products that are not only safe, effective, and will actually make our lives easier and save us money, but most importantly actually support our health.


The average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every single day, and 80 of those chemicals before breakfast! Most are from four things-soap, makeup, shampoo and hair care. The biggest pollutants in our home are fabric softener, dryer sheets, air freshener plug-ins, and candles. You are literally poisoning your family every day with the stuff that you can't pronounce in your home, like your bright blue dish soap, the cleaner you use for your kitchen counters, processed food, and more. Health and safety data only exists for 15% of all the chemicals out there, even though so many are known to cause asthma or endocrine disruptions.

Essential oils are a better way. They are totally chemical free, steam distilled or cold pressed from pure plants. There's nothing in them but that one oil, whether it is lemon, tangerine, lavender, frankincense, or others. There are over a million uses for essential oils-cleaning supplies, personal care products like toothpaste and deodorant, in the diffuser, oil-infused nutritional supplements. Sign up for this email course that costs you nothing to learn how to kick the chemicals in your home to the curb! I will walk you through step by step. It's easy, simple, and it's a small change you can make to protect your family and take charge of what's in your house. 

As health and wellness are on the rise, you will see many more companies put products on the shelf that appear to be safe and read “all natural,” but are they really all that safe?In this class, I will break down some of the misleading information out there and give you alternatives you can feel confident using at an affordable price! Before class though, go to your app store and download the app called “Think Dirty.” Sign in and let it take you through the tutorial on how to use the app. I will have you use it throughout class. 

The Think Dirty app is an application you can use to scan products and see how they rate in terms of safety. If anything rates a six or higher, I don't touch it with a ten foot pole. If it rates between a 3-5, I check out the ingredient/s that are making it rate that high and also look them up on the The Environmental Working Group website to see why that ingredient is given a higher rating. If that ingredient is the LAST ingredient listed on the product label, I know there is only a small amount in the product. Then I make my own judgment call on whether I want to use the product or not. Products rated 1-2 are completely safe and are my top picks. 

Feel like every year you set New Years resolutions and they last a whopping month or two then you're back to your old ways? I have got some great ideas to help you welcome wellness into your 2018 with easy, sustainable, changes that will leave you feeling energized, empowered, and ready to make 2018 your BEST year yet. Take this FREE online class to ring in the new year with fun tips for complete and sustainable wellness. 

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Oils & Emotions

Who is ready for a class about EMOTIONS?!

Emotions can be difficult and even scary. It is so much easier to suppress emotions than to recognize, feel, and process them. However, the ability to recognize, feel, process, and release emotions will enable you to function in a more positive and successful state so you can live free to create the life you desire. The information provided below will transform your day to day life and give you the tools you need to process emotions in a healthy and effective way. These tools can be used for all ages and are very effective. Grab a pen and your journal!

“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” Roger Ebert

Oils in the Bedroom

Love is in the air! It’s time to talk about romance, passion, and everything in between...the sheets *wink*. It's that time of year again. Romance is in the forefront of many couples' minds as they prep for Valentines Day, but why can't you spice up the bedroom on the regular? Take this FREE online class for tips and tricks to not only make this Valentine's Day one to remember but more importantly to learn how to boost your libido, gain confidence, and bring the spark back to the bedroom.

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Show yourself some love and enjoy this new virtual DIY Skincare class. I'll disclose skin care secrets straight from the celebrities and teach you how to make safe, toxin-free skincare products, each infused with quality essential oils and each requiring just a few ingredients. Can't wait to share this with you. 

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Ahhh makeup!!! Ok, so I know makeup is everywhere and you might be thinking “mine is working just fine”. But is it!? Are you confident that your makeup is 100% free of harmful chemicals? Does your makeup have ingredients in it that are BENEFICIAL for your skin? You work so hard to maintain your health and youthful appearance that you don’t want to undo all that when you powder your nose every morning. In the next week, I'll have a new online class  focused on enhancing your natural beauty. I’m going to share some shocking secrets with you! A password is needed to access this information, click below to get it ;)

This class is all about creating special gifts for special women and incorporating products from one of the best companies out there. Yes! I'm talking about Young Living. As soon as you surround yourself by a Young Living community, you feel warmth and love. Do you feel it in here? If you don't feel it yet, you will. Only amazing, loving companies attract amazing, loving people like Young Living does.  

Incorporating YL products into your gifts will not only lift up the women in your life, but hundreds of families and small business owners will be supported as well. Let's celebrate the women in your life with something special and let's infuse it with Young Living essential oils to take your gift to the next level. If you plan to give any women gifts this year, (HELLO, MOTHER'S DAY!!) click below to get access!