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Essential Rewards

My goal here is to simplify our customer loyalty program called Essential Rewards and answer some of the most common questions. I love the program and want to give you all the details. This information is intended for new and existing customers. If you are not a member yet you can learn but will not be able to take part in this program until you are a Young Living Member.

We’ve all signed up for the loyalty programs where you can swipe your card and after a certain number of swipes or points earned, you get some free stuff, right? Young Living has a similar program. It’s called Essential Rewards (ER) and is our customer loyalty program. It is an optional program that helps you earn free products! The best part about the program is that there are no strings attached. Really! It is very simple. You may sign up for the program at any time in your oil journey. If you are not satisfied, you may cancel at any time. If you love Young Living essential oils and they currently have become a way of life then it only makes sense to join ER! 

  • This program is a great option if you want to:
  • Earn ER points = free store credit to use in the future;
  • Earn free promotional YL products each month based on what you spend;
  • Receive discounted shipping; and
  • Gain access to special ER kits that are exclusively offered to ER customers. 

This program will allow you to build your oil collection and start sharing the love of oils with your friends and family. 

With ER you will get a monthly order of your choosing. It’s kind of like having a monthly subscription box except you get to customize the products in your box every month. It is exclusive to those who have purchased a starter kit. The only requirement is to place one 50 PV order per month. Each month you will earn a percentage of your PV value back in Essential Reward points. As you stay in the program longer you will earn a higher percentage. 1 PV generally = $1. Some exceptions apply.

PRO-TIP: In the beginning you will earn 10% back on your purchases. If you order 50 PV then you will have 5 points to spend already. Do that for 2 months and you have a free RC or Orange.

How to Sign Up for Essential Rewards


Go to and click on Virtual Office found at the bottom right hand corner of the homepage


Click on Essential Rewards in the blue menu on the left.

Log into your account.

Confirm all the products you want to order are selected. Make sure the PV amount is 50 or more. Click continue.

Add your products to your order. Make sure the PV amount is 50 or more. 


Select what day of the month you want these items to ship. You can always change this date at a later time.  Confirm shiping address and select shipping method. Click next step.