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Let's Get Schooled (Back to School) Online Workshop

Let's Get Schooled

Join us for our Let's Get Schooled (Back to School) with Essential Oils workshop to learn how you can incorporate essential oils into your upcoming school routine. Whether you have littles or teens, or are a teacher we've got you covered! The workshop will be posted on August 30th (this Tuesday) and will include information for kids, teens, parents and teachers. You. Do. NOT. Have to be present for the workshop, it will be available online until September 13, 2016 to review (that's two weeks!) 

In addition, we'll have the workshop available on The Essential Collective website ( for non-FB folks and Instagram @the_essential_collective_class. If you are too cool for this school, please share the event invite with others that might appreciate the class.

If you missed the event and would like the class notes, email me