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Make + Take Event

Are you interested in learning more on how to use your new essential oils? 

As part of the package of buying the Premium Starter Kit, I'd love to help you host a make + take event to learn more, and share this oily goodness with your friends and family. We'll work together to figure out a theme (e.g. fitness, spa day, boost your immunity, cooking with oils, skincare) and get all  the materials needed. I'll walk you and your group through the recipes, explain why those essential oils were selected for the recipes and the best places to buy the materials. 

Everyone will thank you as they walk away with a bag of goodies! 

Essential Oils 101

In this class you will learn about Young Living essential oils, what they’re used for, how to use them, and more! This introduction into the world of essential oils should answer some of the questions you have, but we also want you to feel comfortable asking any others that might come up, because we ALL had a lot of questions when we first became interested in oils. 

Gather a group of friends and/or family that you think would benefit from using essential oils, and I'll help lead an introductory class. 

Recipe Cards and Class Notes

Not in the Portland Area? That's okay. I'd love to set you up with all the materials to host your own make + take event. We'll work together so that you feel comfortable with  your oils, and I'll even send you all the labels and a list of materials needed, with recipes!