Young Living is not about the business.

Young Living is about their products and their people.

If you use Young Living products, you are one of their people and our people.

Young Living focuses on two things: the products because they change lives on so many levels and the people that help to educate and support others on their journey.  

Some questions to consider:

  • Are you using your Young Living essential oils?
  • Have you started to have amazing experiences that have helped your overall health and wellness using your Young Living essential oils?
  • Have you told friends or family that you are using Young Living essential oils and sharing your story?
  • Do you have someone in your life you feel could benefit from using Young Living essential oils? 
  • Are you interested in earning a little extra money or just paying for the oils you have purchased (and are going to purchase in the future)? 

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you are already on your way. 

Sharing is what it is all about.

It comes naturally to some of us. It gets easier when something good happens, when you know something can help someone. That is the first step.  Are you ready?

STEP 1: Share your story with those friends and family members you KNOW will benefit from using Young Living Essential oils. Reach out via email, host a gathering of friends if that's what you like to do, meet for coffee, message them on social media, mention it in passing. Do what you enjoy! 

STEP 2: Help someone get started with Young Living essential oils:

  • Lend them some of your essential oils or your diffuser to try.
  • Get them signed up for a Premium Starter Kit (the BEST way to start because of the savings and it will be their best chance for success) and earn some money! If you are not sure how to do that- let me know! 
  • Add them to social media groups/sites that focus on education and support
    - this website
    - contact me to be added to the private Facebook groups
    - follow me on Instagram @byjessanderson and @theessentialcollective
    - have them spend time on the YL website

Few of us are comfortable using them without a little guidance to start. You are now a part of their experience and support.

WE are YOUR support as you share. All of us at The Essential Collective are here for YOU. We are your group/tribe/family and there are A LOT of us. We want nothing but success for you and are here to help. Once you join our team as a distributor that is actively purchasing, we have a private Facebook group that you will be added to, webinars for you to listen to and a team there for you at every turn. 

STEP 3: Earn some money, pay for your oils, test out what it feels like to make commission from home and doing what comes naturally to you. 

Once you share and help, this will be the easy part:

  • Sign up one person for a Premium Starter Kit = $50 for you
  • Sign up two people for a Premium Starter Kit = $100 for you
  • Sign up three people for a Premium Starter Kit = $150 for you AND you just paid for your kit cost!

Understand the Young Living Income Opportunity

There's a lot to the structure of Young Living and the amazing income opportunities that are available. Sign up below and receive a specialized tutorial in your inbox, or contact me with any questions! Here's the 2016 Young Living Income Disclosure Statement.

YL Income Opportunity