The Swap Dare - 2018 Cleanup Challenge

I'm challenging you to a swap dare! I dare you to clean up your home and lifestyle products this year with alternative products that don't contain synthetic chemicals. I've swapped out a lot of things I'd normally get elsewhere and there is a huge difference in my health since eliminating so many harsh chemicals and additives in the products I used to use.

Start with the three cabinet challenge. Go look at three cabinets in your home and get familiar with what you're slathering on your body or ingesting or cleaning with. The rule of thumb is if you can't pronounce it-don't use it. The shorter the list of ingredients the better. If you're not sure if it's safe, type the word into Google with the words "dangers of" in front it and do a little research. Why learn about oils? Every oil you use is a chemical you're not using. Learn more >>>

Here's a small list of suggestions:

▪ Morning Coffee // swap // Ningxia Red (Nitro if you need a boost)
▪ Bar Soap // swap // Sandalwood Lemon Bar Soap
▪ Conditioner // swap // Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner that I use a pea size amount as leave in instead.
▪ Toxic toothpaste // swap // AromaBright toothpaste that lasts way longer than traditional toothpaste, only need a pea size!
▪ Expensive and toxic face cleaner and lotion // swap // $5 a month using essential oils!
▪ Energy Drink // swap // Ningxia Nitro
▪ Health food store probiotic // swap // Life 9 probiotic
▪ Joint pills // swap // AgilEase
▪ Toxic foaming hand soaps // swap // Thieves hand soap
▪ Toxic surface cleaners (all) // swap // Thieves Household Cleaner (this one bottle cleans everything and will last you the entire year!)
▪ Toxic dish soap // swap // Thieves dish soap
▪ Toxic laundry detergent // swap // Thieves laundry detergent
▪ Toxic dryer sheets // swap // wool dryer balls with lavender

These are just a few products that I've swapped out that actually save me money each month. Need recipes or tips, check out the blog. Or if you'd like a complete makeover, check out the Premium Starter Kit with Thieves. It includes powerful, natural alternatives for both home and personal care products.